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Why Choose Ruby Medical Center?

OPD is the Outpatient Department where basic cases that require optimum medical attention are treated. At Ruby Medical Center, the diagnosis is well conducted by a doctor. You are simply required to visit the hospital and pay the consultation charges. At Ruby, it is at OPD where patients are provided medical assistance and treatment.

Under our OPD category, you are not required to stay or get admitted to the hospital. Our OPDs provide a wide range of services such as illness diagnosis, medical tests and minor surgical injuries.

Find Your Well

Get complete well-woman care with maintenance exams, screenings and counseling. 

Timing is Everything

Receive expert counseling about family planning and birth control, whether you’re trying to get pregnant. 

Achieve Health

Take comfort in access to expert care for complex conditions that require an office procedure or surgery.

Our OPD Specialists

General Practitioner
General Practitioner
General Practitioner